GullTrade (GT) is a young and dynamic company that specialises in the trade of grains and feed stuff as well as other key commodities and fertilizers within the global markets.

Though recently established as a company, our directors have had years of experience trading in grains and feed derivatives in the MENA and Mediterranean region. Under the label of Kylla Group we developed an extensive trading operation that included some of the biggest names in the industry. By utilizing our sound reputation, effective management and our solid network of high‐level contacts in this field, we naturally began to involve the company with established majors in the market  Read More » 


There is no doubt that at GullTrade trading & brokerage of commodities is the lifeline of our company. Whether it’s agriculture‐based products or petrochemicals we have an experienced trading department that is constantly aware of the latest developments and factors affecting trade Read More » 

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