About Us

GullTrade (GT) is a young and dynamic company that specialises in the trade of grains and feed stuff as well as other key commodities and fertilizers within the global markets.

Though recently established as a company, our directors have had years of experience trading in grains and feed derivatives in the MENA and Mediterranean region. Under the label of Kylla Group we developed an extensive trading operation that included some of the biggest names in the industry. By utilizing our sound reputation, effective management and our solid network of high‐level contacts in this field, we naturally began to involve the company with established majors in the market

“Our mission is to use our experience, contacts and our new perspective in order to add value to our partners’ operations and ultimately grow with them.”


Our Business

GullTrade was established in order to capitalise on our experience of trading in the market and our unique contacts that allow us to add value to our partners’ operations.

With exceptionally strong ties in North Africa, Egypt and the Middle East, the company’s primary objective is to increase trade between this region, Europe and other global trading centers.
Whilst the main focus of the company is to trade and invest into agriculture, operations have naturally grown to encompass a variety of other commodities.
Our activities as a company include financing projects within the agriculture sector, project management and consultancy, investment in grains operations, and of course an active commodities trading/brokerage department backed by strong market intelligence, risk management, and logistics and operations teams.

As a business we look for key investment opportunities that will add value to our operations. Whether we invest ourselves or through a consortium of well‐suited partner companies, our aim is to seek out projects that fit with our commercial strategy and deliver on time and on budget.
Consequently we are always looking at block concessions for our company and on behalf of our partners.

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